Bank Draft / Bank Draft & Transmittal Letter

The Bank Draft (Form 3468-4) and the Bank Draft & Transmittal Letter (Forms 3469-4 and 3469S-4) are used as a negotiable instrument and must contain all of the following elements: It must be signed by the drawer; it must be payable on demand (sight) or at a specific time (time); it must contain an unconditional order to pay a certain sum of money; and it must be properly endorsed either to the drawer or to the drawer's bank. The Transmittal-Remittance Letter contains the shipper's complete and precise instructions on how the documents are to be handled and how payment is to be made.

Item # 3468-4
4 Part
9 x 4-1/4 Detached Size
1000 Per Carton


Item # 3469-4
4 Part Continuous
8 x11Detached Size
500 Per Carton


Item # 3469S-4
4 Part Snap-out
8 x11Detached Size
500 Per Carton


#3468-4 (see other items below)

Form 3469-4 (See other item below)

# 3469S-4